Global Cities

Global Cities advises cities and organisations who are seeking to ensure their success in international markets. We specialise in interpreting global trends and their impact on your organisation. We create effective solutions to enhance your reputation and internationalise your profile. Combining a unique mix of expertise in communications, economic analysis, and place-making to build your influence in international markets. Global Cities turns ambitions into reality.

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Thinking & Analysis

Globalisation presents many complex challenges especially in understanding the trends that are shaping our world. Never before has there been so much information at our fingertips. But the proliferation of data can become a barrier to achieving clarity in business decisions and policy-making.

Thinking and analysis are the foundation of our approach: good ideas drive good strategies. Knowing how to take data and transform it into useful, meaningful knowledge requires real expertise and insight. We want to interpret what’s happening in the world and bring clarity through our analysis. We’ve defined five global trends which are relevant to business, policy-makers, consumers, and citizens.

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Speaking & Advisory

We bring global thinking and international perspectives on the contemporary experience of global cities. What makes successful cities work? What are the problems they face and how are they applying fresh-thinking to challenges presented by emerging economic, political and demographic trends? We also act as a bridge between private and public sector, offering advice on the business of cities. Global Cities was established and is led by David Adam, he is a regularly invited speaker to international audiences giving speeches on global urban trends, future economic trends, the business of branding and the importance of liveability in economic development.

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Brand Positioning

Effective positioning is about gaining the recognition for what you do best. Making sure you have clear and tangible differentiation and that it is visible. In place-branding we work with cities to identify their brand narrative; positioning them in the markets and with audiences that are most relevant, whether through events or through communications. We believe the most successful brands are those which have a single-minded proposition. They know what they are and how to say it.

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Brokerage &

International partnerships, trade and networks create opportunities to generate wealth. But connections in themselves are not enough to guarantee outcomes, real business relationships are built on trust and mutual benefit. Global Cities can assist in deepening relationships by advocating and promoting your business strategy in competitive markets. By identifying business leads, securing sponsorship and reputation building in Olympic cities and emerging markets, Global Cities is uniquely placed in a number of countries and sectors to assist growth.

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