About us

We’re not a traditional consultancy. The projects that we work on aren’t standard business or economic consultancy.

Our projects can be categorised into different sector services, but we offer a totality of service founded upon our rich project experience which now makes up a distinct body of work.

Often we’re looking for ways to link our projects which means that they often converge and create better outcomes for all our clients.

Our vision isn’t just about making profit, it’s also about how the places we work with can profit, whether that’s about improving the public realm, developing longer-term vision, or reshaping business models to tie in with global economic and business trends.

We’re a business with a difference. And it’s passion for what we do that leads us to achieve bold outcomes for those we work with.

Established in 2009, Global Cities is a unique, niche consultancy which works in niche areas. We work with commercial and public sector organisations, cultural and educational institutions to help them build successful business strategies in global markets. We are trusted advisors to international organisations: from cities to national government departments, all of whom have recognised the need to develop new partnerships to effectively manage change. We enjoy nothing more than the opportunity to share our unique experience and strategic perspective with like-minded people and organisations.