The Propaganda War on the Citizens from Nowhere

The consensus has been broken and a new set of stories now circulate.

After the Brexit vote and the election of Trump the future suddenly seems a lot less certain. While it is possible to interpret these votes as populist reactions against globalisation - a runaway world full of angry calls to take back control - it is less clear if global economic policies are actually directly to blame. However, the political shocks of 2016 have clearly shown that the narrative of political elites has been found wanting.

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Posted by David Adam on 10 Jan 2017

Being Smart About Smart Cities

Maybe it’s time for the term Smart Cities to evolve to the next stage. Maybe it’s time to abandon it altogether and to talk about specific technologies and what they can do for our cities. Perhaps we should be defining ‘Future Orientated’ City Initiatives’, and considering ‘Human-Centred 21st Century City Life’ and how technology is going to help us get there quickly.

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Posted by David Adam on 4 Dec 2015

Are Expos Still Relevant? Reflections From Milan 2015

Having recently returned from a scoping trip to the Milan Expo, I have given some thought to whether Expos are still relevant, and have concluded that the answer is yes. These huge trade fairs which bring the world together to show their products and services, where countries puff out their chests and display their plumage, are, even in this digital age, still relevant.

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Posted by David Adam on 29 Jul 2015

The Globalisation of Sport

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. The famous words of Lord Acton still resonate today across many spheres of public life and especially in the the world of sport.

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Posted by David Adam on 15 Jul 2015

Is More Enough?

The economist and commentator Moises Naim has hit on something quite succinct. There’s nothing more appealing to someone with a branding background than a simple category system that explains something complex, especially if it has three principles and even better if they all begin with the same letter. He summarises globalisation in three simple words:

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Posted by David Adam on 22 Jun 2015