Staying relevant and competitive in a global economy means becoming globally fluent. Organisations need to prepare for internationalisation. We have the expertise, cultural understanding and global perspective to help you do this.

Expert Panels

We have built a network all over the world. Our colleagues and associates bring expertise from across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Sometimes they come together through our advisory panel to offer independent advice and peer review. We can field a mix of leading experts, senior business leaders and policy practitioners from all over the world. The Global Cities Panel can form part of our project team offering an independent review of ideas and proposals, or it can be commissioned as a project in its own right. Our panel combines global thinking with international perspectives, all of which are critical for internationalisation. Contact us for more information about working with the panel or if you are interested in becoming part of a future panel.

Study Tours

We’ve organised several study tours for senior policymakers from Asia here in the UK. Often seeking best practice in city management we’ve been able to draw on our rich London and UK network to create a programme that brings world-class experts together to share experience and learn practical approaches. 

Case Studies

You don’t need to judge your success against other places or organisations but it can be useful to know what others are doing and where they’ve had success. We can share best practice examples from direct experience from all around the world. We can also prepare full case study reviews for the topic area of your interest.