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Good positioning is about developing profile with the audience that matters most to you and helping them understand why you’re special. Helping people to understand you better and to develop profile with the audiences that matter most to you. Our starting-point on brand is to focus on relationship to place. The power of the "country of origin effect" is well-known, but it can carry through to cities and even districts. Our point of origin conveys more about us than we might realise, and it can also help clarify or shift perceptions.

Global Cities specialises in understanding and analysing urban and global trends. Successful businesses are aware of these trends and are increasingly developing 'City Services' as part of their portfolio, and we can advise on this. We also offer strategic advice on talking, writing and thinking about your company’s relationship with your city. For example:

Positioning and London

Increasingly businesses are recognising the power of the London Brand and the powerful associations it delivers. We can help you to position your brand and its relationship to ‘Brand London’. To succeed in London, you need to be ambitious, innovative and bold. The London story needs to feature in your portfolio, and we will help you develop a strategy to capitalise on your relationship with London. We can help you develop a strategy that makes the most of your relationship to London.

Positioning and Cities

This is the urban century. All over the world people are flocking to cities, and business is returning to cities too. Business needs to be ready to understand cities and their priorities. Your competitors are now developing strategies which can help them shape and promote their services into cities. We can help you to develop and position your strategy in the context of the global wave of urbanisation; to develop a strategy about cities which will remain ahead of the trend.

Profit + Purpose

We can also help you to demonstrate your commitments to wider societal goals. The role of business in the economy is not just in making profit. Truly profitable businesses are those which recognise their role in contributing to broader social and economic challenges. We understand how to combine profit with purpose and how to help your audiences understand your commitment to society. Whether that’s about developing your corporate social responsibility strategy or exploring initiatives that are important and relevant to contemporary policymakers.

Place Branding Manifesto

There are lots of approaches to place branding and it's not always easy to find best practice. We’ve written a place branding manifesto which gives our take on how to manage a place brand.

Place Branding Manifesto (PDF)